Our lab is located within the Mathews Building on the UNSW Kensington Campus. We use a variety of techniques from contemporary neuroscience including chemogenetics, optogenetics, neural tract tracing, in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology.

Our facilities include

  • Vivaria for mice and rats (including transgenics);
  • Behavioural testing facilities (appetitive, aversive, Pavlovian, instrumental);
  • Ethovision laboratory for analyses of naturalistic behaviours;
  • PC2 surgical suite for intracranial surgery and viral mediated gene transfer;
  • Wet laboratory for immunohistochemistry;
  • Image analysis laboratory with four Olympus research microscopes for brightfield and epifluorescence applications, a Neurolucida workstation for brain mapping and neuron reconstruction;
  • Laser scanning Olympus confocal microscope;
  • Three optogenetics laboratories for stimulation in awake, freely moving animals;
  • Behavioural testing laboratory integrated with a Plexon in vivo Omniplex system for combined optogenetic stimulation and recording of neural activity in the awake, freely moving animal.