We are always looking for talented and keen students and scientists to join our group. Here are some of the key things to keep in mind.


1. Undergraduate Students

If you are interested working in the lab as part of your undergraduate (Year 1 - 3) studies at UNSW, then email Gavan and arrange a time for a chat. An informal discussion around your goals, interests, and availabilities is a good starting point. Often students can contribute by assisting PhD students or Postdocs in the lab with their research.


2. Honours Students

At UNSW Psychology, students are allocated to academic staff rather than staff selecting students. Nonetheless, you are still able to nominate a number of potential supervisors for your project. If you are considering working in the lab for your Honours year (see Lab Alumni page for our previous Honours students), then stop by 512 Mathews or email Gavan and arrange a time for a chat. An informal discussion around your goals and interests is a good starting point.


3. PhD (Graduate Students)

Local students (Australian or NZ Citizens or Australian Permanent Residents)

It is not necessary to have worked or studied in the lab previously! If you are interested in pursuing a PhD, either alone or in combination with one of our professional Masters degrees, then stop by 512 Mathews or email Gavan and arrange a time for a chat. An informal discussion around your goals and interests as well as research preparedness is a good starting point. You will need to consider starting time (Semester 1 or 2 and funding (APA opt scholarship from one of my grants), as well as the topic of your research. You may also want to take a look at the People page and the Lab Alumni page to learn about some our current and past PhD students.

Note that application and APA Scholarships are handled via the UNSW Graduate Research School. APA Scholarships are increasingly competitive. I will have funds to support new PhD students in 2016.


International students

Travelling abroad to complete your PhD is exciting and a significant investment in your future. Please be sure to read the research section of this web page closely to make yourself aware of our research interests. It is important that your interests and ours match. The first step, for those seriously thinking about a PhD, is to email Gavan and we can begin a correspondence on your background, research preparedness, English language proficiency, goals, and interests. The next step is to interview via Skype. This should all happen 6 - 9 months prior to your intended start date in the lab.

The Australian PhD is at most a 3.5 year, research-only degree and international students generally need both fee tuition waiver and living allowance scholarships. These are available - and we strongly support international students in the lab - but they are competitive and can require sometime to arrange.


Interested students should also consult the UNSW Graduate Research School resources.


4. Postdocs

If you are interested in pursuing your postdoctoral training in the lab then please contact Gavan. In general we look for new postdocs every couple of years as our current postdocs move onto their own independent research careers. Funding is often available via externally funded grants to the lab, but of course there are also many opportunities to secure your own funds through national (ARC, NHMRC) and local (UNSW) schemes. The best way to start is to email Gavan and we can begin a conversation around your background, goals, and interests.